Treating the Roots and Branches in Chinese Medicine


In Chinese medicine, symptoms are a physical manifestation of an internal organ disharmony or channel obstruction. When qi, blood, or oxygen can’t flow freely throughout the body, it will begin to signal clues that something is out of order and needs repair. This could present as physical pain at the affected area, headaches, fatigue, or anxiety, for example.

In order to relieve these symptoms, we are not just going to treat the affected area locally. We do want to get rid of the current pain, but also treat the internal imbalance that is causing the discomfort. Once we begin putting the body back into homeostasis, the symptoms will begin to subside.

A simple way to explain this treatment method is to compare the human body to a tree. The symptoms are it’s branches, that which you can physically see and feel. The internal organ imbalance is at the roots of disease, hidden deep within the body and unseen by the physical eye.

When developing a treatment plan, your practitioner will consider both the roots and branches involved in your current ailment. A combination of acupuncture, herbal formulas, and diet therapy will all be considered to treat your current symptoms and strengthen your constitution so that the body can return to its optimal performance.

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