What is ‘Qi’ in Chinese Medicine?

We talk a lot about Qi in Chinese medicine. There have been many definitions of this term throughout history in Eastern medicine, but I will make it simple for you: Qi is the vital energy force that runs through everything that exists on this planet.

It is within all living things, moves through our energetic channels or meridians, and nothing on Earth can continue to exist without its presence. When we are born, it is through a merging of Qi (when sperm meets egg) and Qi is what fuels the very beginning of our human development.

Qi is the vital energy that causes plants to sprout, bloom and flourish. It works the same way in humans, if we properly take care of our Qi šŸ™‚

In Chinese medicine, there are many imbalances that can occur from different disturbances of Qi. A patient can have too little Qi, too much Qi, an improper flow or blockage of Qi, or a disharmony of Qi between one or more organ systems. When there is a problem with one’s Qi, disease and illness occur within the body.

An acupuncturist assesses the state of your Qi through different diagnostic techniques, including the tongue and pulse analysis, as well as other physical examinations and an extensive Q&A session at each session. A combination of acupuncture, herbal therapy, and diet/lifestyle therapies are then used to ensure that your Qi is flowing smoothly throughout the body.

The Spark in the Machine is one of my favorite books that thoroughly explains Qi to a Western audience. I highly recommend checking this out if it interests you!

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