Cupping has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years to achieve different therapeutic results. It has become popular in recent years because of media coverage of famous athletes like Michael Phelps promoting its benefits.

So what exactly are these benefits? Increased blood circulation, relief of muscular pain and tension, increased muscle recovery speed, and improved immune system function are just a few of the many.

In a cupping treatment, medical cups are placed onto the skin, and suction is created either by heat or via an air pump, pulling the skin up and away from the underlying muscles.

How does this work? Cupping creates a local microtrauma, which signals the body to send fresh blood and oxygen to the muscles and tissues affected, facilitating healing and regeneration.

Cupping also causes local inflammation, which triggers the immune system to produce cytokines (small proteins that enhance communication between cells) which help regulate the immune response.

Could cupping be beneficial for you? Visit my appointments page to schedule a session where we can discuss the best modalities for your condition and work together to create a wellness plan.

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